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Bulgari Octo Bi-Retro Steel Ceramic Watch Watch Releases

I tend to prefer the version that have black mixed with steel. These help bring out the design of the case best. This also works for the gold versions. On the rear of the watch is a vertical slit that is RSW's version of a sapphire exhibition caseback window - where you can see the Swiss ETA automatic 2824-2 movement inside the watch. You might be asking yourself "what is up with that crown?" RSW likes to use their proprietary fold out winch style crown. The mechanism literally fold out for winding, and then can be pulled out for adjusting the watch. It would be a bit of a pain with a manually wound watch, but it is really fun to have. My apologies for not thinking to take a picture of the folded out crown.

It is also a positive coincidence that Malcolm Mcdowell is a serious watch lover. Anyhow, the nifty watch is going to be placed in large 45.85mm wide steel and DLC coated steel case. That is without the crown. Including the crown the watch is almost 50mm wide. But probably wears smaller due to the thickness of the bezel. The case is 500 meters water resistant - 300 meters with the crown un-screwed. Inside the case is a special shock absorbing system for the movement, which is also surrounded by a soft iron shell to protect against magnetic fields.

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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT Watch Watch Releases

While I am not exactly sure what the two axes represent on an actual radar screen, on the BR-01 Radar they are used as minute and hour makers with each graduation overlapping its respective indicators. The rest of the hours or 5-minute increments are marked at the perimeter of the crystal. The time is clear and easy to read once one gets over the initial shock of the dial's peculiarity.

Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

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We all knew it was coming. First there was the new Aquaracer (called the Aquaracer 500M because it didn't actually totally replace the more basic Aquaracer) and now there is the chronograph version. It looks pretty rad actually. Feeling very similar to a dive version of the new Carrera, this watch has a similar layout, but not the 1887 automatic chronograph. The Aquaracer 500M Automatic Chronograph has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 that they refer to as the Calibre 16 movement.

I've heard from at least one other watch brand that they have almost bested Piaget in terms of size. They might have meant the 5.25mm thickness of the watch or the seemingly impossible 2.35mm thickness of the movement itself. Frankly, I could care less whether Piaget actually makes the thinnest this, or smallest that. It is the end result before my eyes that is what really matters. I personally don't buy or get excited about things merely because of a achievements on paper. It is the emotional reaction that I have when I see and wear them that matters. All the rest just make good talking points when bragging to friends - an activity far less common that enjoying the watch personally. Price is about ,000. You can read a bit more as I also wrote about this watch on

What you really have is a true luxury instrument. It is luxury in the sense excess and lack of necessity are luxurious, but it is a instrument all the same. Marginally useful, but it still has its uses. It is a toy for those who like expensive toys. No one looking for a "men's accessory" is gonna pick up one of these. When I met with Urwerk I think they did tell me the price of the limited edition UR-CC1. To be honest I forgot the price, but at the same time it makes little different. In the healthy six figures, most people can't afford the watch, and that pretty much sums it up. I love that Urwerk does this stuff and works hard to make their dreams real. True micro mechanical geniuses, they create amazing things - perhaps with intentional limited appeal.

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At Basel 2010, I walked by the Eterna booth, surprised and delighted to see this guy in a case. It made me even more excited to talk with the Eterna people and play with it. You'll notice below a comparison of the original model and the new Heritage model. Up a few millimeters in size, the Heritage Super KonTiki limited edition 1973 is 44mm wide in a steel case with a tall rotating diver's bezel. The case is 200 meters water resistant (why not 300m I am not sure, they could have easily made it that, I am sure). Nevertheless, it is a very capable diver's watch with a fantastic spirit.


Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Diameter 13 ¼ lignes

Vonlatomic is a special collection of watches for the Volna watch brand by talented watch design Yvan Arpa. I've discussed Mr. Artya at length because I respect his masculine, artistic approach to watch design. The careful designer spends a lot of time thinking about the best way to execute his wild ideas. His work feels very much like an extension of himself. Each watch being something he himself would proudly wear - truly art for the artist. Many people don't like Yvan's creations. It is easy to be mystified by the thought behind the pop-art style, or sometimes just plain weird watches. Though most passionate artists tend to attract a degree of controversy when it comes to the tastefulness or appeal of their work. For Yvan, timepieces are a palette - the medium through which he likes to create.

Thanks to SwissKubiK for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.

Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch

Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch
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MKII Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The Hurricane name is based on the famous single engine British fighter plane that was part of the RAF (Royal Airforce). You can see one of them here. A sprightly little thing, en masse they were deadly in the skies with the right mental muscle in the cockpit. If they flew today, at least a few of them would want to strap on one of these bad-boys. At 47mm wide in a black DLC coated steel case, this is a pretty darn impressive watch. 200 meters water resistant, sapphire crystal, and COSC Chronometer certified Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 movement inside. It has a rotating navigational bezel with an attached inner slide-rule.

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Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch Watch Releases

Much on the Ananta Automatic watches is the same as the Ananta Spring Drive watches. The cases are bit different, but not much. The "Katana" sides of the cases are still specially "blade polished" and the cases are also 46mm wide with sapphire crystals (water resistant to 100 meters). Watch hands are the same, and the hour markers are the same beautifully diamond polished good-lookers that the line has. All this talk of "blade" or diamond polish and cutting is not gimmicky. These watches have some of the finest polishing jobs I've ever seen on watches within thousands of this price range. One difference between the Automatics and the Spring Drives is the mid section of the case. The Spring Drive models have a column cut edge, while the Automatics have a smooth polished edge on the middle part of the case sides. Otherwise the big differences are in the movements and the model functions.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch Watch Releases

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Patek Philippe watches

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Alpina 12 Hours Of Sebring GMT Chrono Watch

Alpina 12 Hours Of Sebring GMT Chrono Watch

Eterna really outdid themselves with this piece. Easily among their list of masterpieces. I felt really lucky to be checking out this watch, and I thank Eterna for that. Will there be more watches like this? Probably, but not likely in the foreseeable future. With the downturn in the economy, the demand for watches like this is much lower. Until then, the Porsche Design Indicator will remain a wonderful and exotic novelty for those fortunate enough to afford one. If you can, I highly recommend it.

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Louis Chevrolet Driver 1911 Watch Watch Releases

With only a slight premium over the non-limited edition models of the new GA110, the watch will only cost 0 - and I am not sure how many models are in the limited edition set. Functions remain the same as the standard model. Which are the time, 1/1000 second chronograph with tacyhmeter, several alarms, world time, 200 meters of water resistance, calendar, back-lights, etc... Note the use of standard and negative LCD displays. If you like it, then they are available at certain Casio G-Shock authorized dealers.

The watch dial is in pilot watch style like I said. Complete with the triangle and two dots 12 o'clock hour indicator. MB&F used their special futuristic font for the Arabic hour numerals, and hands that feel familiar to the brand. The black dial is contrasted with white SuperLumiNova luminant on the hour markers and the hands.

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